How much will you charge for completing my Settlement?

Simply contact us and we can provide you with a very competitive quote for your Settlement Administration Fee. Please note that statutory charges such as stamp duty, title search fees, registration fees, water and council rates, account enquiry fees, strata certificate fees etc are additional to our Settlement Administration Fee. We are happy to give you a broad estimate as to these costs if you require. Keep reading

I want to appoint Paramount Settlements to act as my Settlement Agent. What do I need to do?

If you wish to appoint us to act for you in the Settlement of your property, you will need to notify the Selling Agent who will then forward the Contract documentation to us. At that point, we open your File and commence our dealings with you. If there is no Selling Agent involved, please ensure that we receive a copy of the full Contract document and any Annexures to enable us to commence dealing on your File. Keep reading

I am selling my property. What do I need to do regarding my mortgage?

If your property is mortgaged, it is important that you contact your Lender as soon as you accept an Offer. Lenders will only move to release your property when they receive a fully completed Authority Form bearing your signature/s - and many Lenders require up to three weeks processing time, so the earlier they are informed, the less chance there is of a delay in Settlement. Keep reading

Do I have to have safety switches and smoke alarms installed before I sell my residential property?

Yes. New Electricity Regulations introduced in August 2009 make it mandatory for at least two Residual Current Devices (safety switches) and at least one mains wired Smoke Alarm to be installed before a residential property can be leased or sold. If the Building Licence for the property was issued by the Local Authority after 01 January 2000, the property should already meet these requirements. Otherwise, you will need to supply an...Keep reading

Can you help me with my queries about the First Home Owner Grant? What about Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) approval?

While we can provide general advice in these areas, we recommend that you contact the following for detailed information specific to your needs: Office of State Revenue FHOG Section (08) 9262 1299 8.00-17.00 AWST Mon-Fri Foreign Investment Review Board (02) 6263 3795 9.00-12.30 and 13.30-1700 AEST Mon-Fri Keep reading

Iím buying / selling a property in another State / Territory. Can Paramount Settlements act for me?

We are only licensed to carry out Settlements in Western Australia, Christmas Island and the Cocos-Keeling Islands. For interstate properties you will have to appoint a Solicitor or Conveyancer based in that State or Territory. Keep reading

I will be going interstate / overseas before Settlement of my property. Is there anything I should do?

You should notify us if you will be away during the period leading up to Settlement and if possible provide dates. That way, we can ensure that you have signed all the necessary documents before you go and there is a lower possibility of any delays to Settlement. Keep reading

Can I fax or email your documents back to you?

No - by appointing Paramount Settlements to act as your Settlement Agent, we will attend the Settlement on your behalf. Keep reading

When can I pick up the keys to my new property?

The Joint Form of General Conditions for the Sale of Land in Western Australia provides for keys and associated devices such as remote controls etc to be given to Buyers immediately following Settlement for properties where the Seller is not an owner/occupier. However, if the Seller is an owner/occupier, the General Conditions give the Seller until 12.00 noon the day following Settlement to move out and deliver the keys to you. Of c...Keep reading

For any other questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist.